Vedic astrology mercury in aquarius

I hope that helps. How can I tap in deeper and really cultivate my psychic abilities? I have a Pisces Sun, Capricorn moon and Scorpio rising. Mercury in Pisces and Aries Venus how do I work with my abilities? Mercury rules the way you think. Since Pisces is a water sign, your decisions are colored more by your emotions than rational thought.

This doesn't have to be bad though, as Pisces is a very intuitive sign. So you can read others very well and always should trust your first impressions and intuition - it won't fail you.

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You may have psychic ability too and experience unusual visions or have really vivid dreams. Mars in Pisces means your strong emotions come from your unconscious mind. You are extremely emotional and need to be sure that you don't let this eat away at your self-confidence.

Pisces Creativity

You need periods of solitude to regain your energy; this is not a high energy Mars. But you work well behind the scenes and are very sensitive towards others. All of your other planets are in zodiac signs too, so it's likely you have one or two in Earth signs or signs that help to ground you more. Meditation would be very good for you. You would also enjoy the studies of metaphysical topics like astrology, tarot, meditation, reiki healing and the like. I have Sun, Moon and Mercury in Pisces. I find this combination hinders my communication with others and amplifies my emotions to ridiculous absurdity.

Also, I have Venus and Mars in Aries.

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Any suggestions? You are psychic and read others so well, you can tell what they are thinking anyway, so I guess that would be a problem for communication! Your Venus in Aries is helpful here. Venus rules our social and love lives, so you are outgoing, at least when certain planets are transiting that Venus. Just be careful not to blurt something out, a common Aries fault. Venus will be going into Aries on April 18th this year, and it stays for about a month. See if it's easier for you to communicate then. Most Venus in Aries people are fun and have original ideas, are the leaders of their social groups.

Also, Mars is the physical part of your life.

Saturn-Mars Mutual Aspect September 25 – November 9

Aries is an assertive sign. Try to push yourself past the Pisces sensitivity, and use your Venus and Mars energies more. Even though you can read people well, it doesn't have to be a disadvantage.

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You can tell who is more receptive to you. Talk to them. I have both Sun and Mercury in Pisces in the 1st house. Libra moon and Pluto in 8th house. How can I develop my psychic abilities? This is the most common question I receive and I am currently working on an article to address it. The best thing you can do is meditate, or join a meditation group. When you learn to clear your mind of all the clutter we think of each day, it makes room for your telepathic abilities to come out.

Better yet, if you can find a metaphysical bookstore in your area, there will be clairvoyants and shamans, people who teach you how to clear your chakras, and other healing modalities. When we work with a group of people who have developed THEIR abilities or have natural psychic talents, their vibrations are higher. Just being with them will help you raise yours. Vibrations are higher when you feel good, safe, and happy.

Mercury ☿ in Aquarius ♒ (Tropical)

I am clairsentient and can "feel" things. Also, if you can recall your dreams you can get clues there about the path your higher self wants you to take. Having the Sun and Mercury in Pisces is a big help. You most likely have telepathic links to those you love and can sense when something is wrong or right.

Pluto in the 8th house of sex and death means you may have visions of people close to you and "see" yourself at their funerals. I have a full 8th house and it took me time to learn that I would have the vision, but couldn't see myself to know my age at the time of loss. I finally realized it was about 2 years. Try to seek out a group of like-minded people with these interests. But meditation or even getting a CD of guided meditations will help prepare your mind.

Even learning to read tarot can help, that's how I began to see things.

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Good luck and I hope you do well. Read my article on Kundalini Energy and Chakras on Exemplore. There is also an app you can get on your phone called Buddhify which has short, guided meditations to get you started. I have Pisces sun, moon, mercury all in the tenth house.

Astrology: Mercury in the Signs

I have venus in Aries, mars in Taurus both in 11th house. I am definitely in touch with my psychic abilities, however, I find it hard to use it to make a difference, help people, or work professionally with it. I feel a complete lack of energy and drive to do so, despite how much I care.

Any advice? It seems to be a conflict, if you have the desire, but not the energy. Mars is Taurus is a little bit lazy, but can be overcome to work hard if you really care as much as you say you do. Venus in Aries is socially outgoing, and to want to use your abilities to help others, this Venus position will help you. Since the Pisces planets are in the 10th house, it is the career house, so you could do well and get attention and work doing it. It is hard to find work in metaphysical subjects.

You usually have to work out of a bookstore or metaphysical group who has a building. That's why I cast charts and do readings from home, online. These are not readings, just questions which are about articles I wrote.

Domicile (astrology) - Wikipedia

People who ask here don't realize they are writing into a writer's site, and many of us wrote these articles many years ago. You need to find people who speak your language and take a class or study group, and that may help motivate you. He seems to be reluctant to say hi or bye to people or generally express how he feels. How can I help him to feel comfortable communicating his feelings?

The Mercury rules how he thinks, and his thoughts are ruled by his feelings. I think with the Pisces in him and Cancer Rising, he's just a bit shy. Six years old is young for me to be thinking too astrologically about a person. We all need some time to grow into ourselves. He has an Aries Sun, that will take over.