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An unusual opportunity for faraway travel may happen. You will prevail but it will take some contemplation and study to overcome the test. Co-worker relationships will find you attractive and popular, starting in mid-summer. The energies are right for it. It will require focus and discipline and will continue through You would be wise to get spending under control and this is the time to seek outside advice with investments and long term financial commitments.

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Your evident increase in self-confidence will also attract opportunities to you and they may even seem to come out of nowhere. Your savings habits will be rewarded with investing habits as the summer passes and you will find personal empowerment. You will be in control of your finances. Caution, however, in that you do not mix your finances with others, which could undo all the hard work you have done in recent years. By especially about mid-summer you will beam health and wellness. It will be self-confidence expressed in your being.

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An increase in health will occur but know that it is the result of the hard lessons learned in past recent years. Your hard work is paying off. You will need that stamina and security as you enter which has a keyword of self-preservation in the mix. People born in Cancer are not quite trustful when it comes to gambling games. Even though they have this restraint, and the fortune to win the lottery is not that important for Cancer, they still should try to play in those days when they feel lucky.

The lucky numbers for betting are 1, 9, 17, 31, 35, or Those who are involved in a long-term relationship can discuss marriage, they can even set the date of the big event, and the relationship can go through a period of consolidation and harmony. This year, the soul mate of the Cancer will often be a Taurus or even someone from their zodiac sign. They need to be very careful about the relationships they establish with the Aries because they are difficult and have the power to burden their karma.

Cancer, The Decade - Throughout the decade, Pluto will be in your opposite sign.

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Horoscope - A Look at the Year Ahead. This popular guide contains all you need to know about your personal horoscope for the year Cancer Weekly Horoscope Jessica Adams has prepared your weekly astrological forecast for August Family Life Horoscope for Cancer born. Personalized and accurate horoscope for Cancer in love, money, career, education, travel, health, color of the year , lucky number and lucky zodiac stone for Cancer in Cancer dates of birth range : the sun crosses the zodiac constellation of Cancer from June 22nd until July 22nd.

Rather than of anger, their repertoire consists of lamentation and regret; and rather than aggression they will show agreeable helplessness.

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This will mean more communications, correspondence, travel with or because of others in close personal or professional relationships. For Cancer in , there is a high probability that you will either buy a new vehicle or a house this year, or if your plans to sell your property were not successful previously, this is the time to try your luck as the chances are pretty good. The beginning of the year would be moderately auspicious for work Wealth, Property. Some note of caution will also have to be sounded about treating any sudden fever or inflammation promptly.

Relations with spouse will be generally charming. Customer Service: Here's what the rest of the year will look like for you from July to July , by monthly horoscope including areas of money, career, love and health. You will have ample time to indulge in pleasurable activities. Leo e Leo's Horoscope will focus on work.


As the year begins, you will be facing a lot of challenges in the matter of love. This theme gets enhanced in positively by Jupiter and in rather severely by Saturn. Cancer horoscope in is not bad in general. They put in an effort but things not only did not improve but tended to worsen during the last months of By Aliza Kelly.

Cancer people will get mixed results in this Vikari - Telugu year i. However, Capricorn love horoscope predicts that there will be a strong push for multiple changes in your love life. Daily Love Chinese Career Money. You will regain your footing and make new efforts of achieving your romantic goals for this year. They may be careless and make mistakes in work, which brings losses for companies; so it is important for them to be careful and strict with work.

The commencement of the year may not be good for you due to the affliction of Lord Sun who owns 2nd house in your 6th house with two malefic planets but your income would not be affected much. The natives of this sign lived during the last year faced many moments of tension year and also many difficulties. The year will offer you many great and big chances in your life as stated in the Cancer Horoscope predictions by date of birth. For the most part of the year, Jupiter in the sixth house helps Cancer to become more professional and more successful, at work, than in previous years.

Horoscope get free horoscope ,chinese astrology predictions,weekly,monthly,yearly,daily,for all signs in Aquarius Horoscope Another year moves in and those big planets, Uranus and Neptune are still happily nestled in your sign, Aquarius. In general, the year would be quite a favourable period for all the Air sign natives.

Daily Cancer Horoscope, Sunday, 18 August Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Whether you're actively looking for them, or they just happen to come your way, intense moments have a way of seeking you out. Your entire happy will be happy.

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Cancer - Characteristics, Personality. So, if there are changes you need to make, now is the time to do so: later on it will be more difficult. Read more… Leo Horoscope. For that you can thank Jupiter, planet of expansion, which enters Aquarius, your solar eighth house, January 5. House, Family and Society. Horoscope Cancer January The Moon waxes from the 1st to the 9th and from the 24th to the 31st: good for starting new projects. Discover what the stars have in store for you this week.

Known often as the "wish card" it can mean that what you are hoping for or dreaming about most is very likely to be yours - in a brief period of time, generally, too. This year, Cancers know better how to love their partners, so they will have a sincere, simple and sweet love. If you wish to know more about the Cancer ascendant and its characteristics, you must read our Cancer daily horoscope. We should expect opportunities and transitions alike that center on Cancer-related themes such as home and family, tradition, and emotional fulfillment.

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  7. Get your daily horoscope now. During the first part of , the love horoscope for those born in Cancer is announcing dissatisfactions and unpredictable events that will not necessarily degenerate into serious conflicts. There is more good news. Revelations and Predictions of all horoscopes for Love, work and personal and spiritual growth of each zodiac sign. Businessmen and professionals will have profitable journeys. It's your turn to reap rewards for your persistent efforts, although you may still feel that you have a way to go before you're absolutely comfortable.

    Change may be scary, but your horoscope for predicts that most changes this year are for the better. This is because you care a lot about having a family, a partner, spreading love and affection with everyone around. Water Signs in At the end of , the health state of all zodiac signs will be well.

    House District 6 Rep. The year is very important because this year marks the beginning of a new era: the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. The love horoscope says that you love life will be more enjoyable throughout this year. Cancer August Horoscope. Cancer Love Horoscope for and a bit of Saturn continues to transit your partnership house, and this is a rather serious, mature, and responsible transit when it comes to close, binding relationships.

    The Lunar Nodes , the karmic pivot points of the universe, shift into Cancer and Capricorn in November , where they will stay until May This year would have mixed result for financial point of view. For business people, the Career horoscope for Cancer indicates the markets may prove more problematic than usual and even you may struggle to get the best deals, cancer astrology forecasts show. CANCER HOROSCOPE Cancer will begin the year will a great influence from Jupiter, for this reason natives of this sign will wish to make great changes to their routine, This sign of water ended the year with great dissatisfaction with respect to their professional life and that feeling will become apparent during the first trimester of the year.

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    5. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ariana Grande arianagrande on Jul 12, at pm PDT In Summary: Your Cancer Horoscope It's a big year for Cancer and for your close personal relationships, as the nodal axis of the moon - and subsequently the eclipses - move into your […]. Cancer love horoscope Capricorn love horoscope predicts : whatever those resolutions are, you sure are checking them off your list. The Cancer August Horoscope, Cancer born June 21 to July 22 , including a list of key events for August, a review of Cancer personality traits see below , and links to Daily Astrology throughout August Cancer horoscope The year is very important for your relationship with the social world and the surrounding world.

      Light begins to wane a little every day. This can be experienced as a difficult period for relationships, because you are likely to get involved in power struggles with others. Mystic Stars Wisdom Forecast. Predictions Cancer There are hopeful signs of progress emerging for you during , with strong indications of an inspiring new direction. The horoscope readings for Gemini indicate that the natives of the sign Aries are going to have a good year.

      The ruling planet Mercury is present in Sagittarius which imparts a dual character and this is creating an auspicious time for you. Year of The Cancer full moon aka supermoon in the beginning of January sets a fantastic mood for your love life. Cancer sign also indicates intelligence, creativity, adaptability and soft-spoken nature. With high-quality horoscope interpretations by the world's leading astrologers Liz Greene, Robert Hand and other authors, many free horoscopes and extensive information on astrology for beginners and professionals, www.

      Of course, being who you are family and domestic issues will always be important, but you pursue those interests through achieving outward career success. Most people born under the sign of the Crab clearly and proudly.