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Your so welcome! His entire book is online to read for free as well as his audio book is on YouTube, narrated by him. Here is that link.. I am sending it to everyone who I have ever talked to about politics and who I think may be open to his ideas including my very conservative brother who is very impressed with him..

I can tell you that he has qualified for the debates.. I am really curious and excited to see how that goes.. I think he has the potential to be that candidate that strike lightening after the debates and really starts gaining more traction in the polls from there.. Sadly, there is such little interest in learning the differences in these terms by the masses, the right gets to beat him over the head with it all day long anyway.

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I will say that even with that game plan from the right, I think they miscalculate how the bottom half in age 45 and younger perceive the word, socialism.. Not that younger generations have been particularly reliable voters, but it may be more significant this cycle than people realize. Fortunately, the younger generations have access to infinite sources of learning at their fingertips and from what I can see, they intend on using it! By: Elizabeth on May 28th, at pm. Indeed Nancy, it IS the psychosis that underlies it all. Recognizing that will be the breakthrough we the Nation , as a whole, need to deal with our own illusions.

Thank goodness for astrology. You are right. But I believe the phenomenon is as old as human religion. It is a form of superstition I think based in part in the belief in wrathful deities, be they singular or plural. They therefore justify violence to keep everyone in line for the supposed good of the community. In a sense denial is the head of the beast. That dragon threatens us, preventing action on climate change, as well as with its fiery nuclear breath.

As far as this crowd is concerned, the rest of us can go literally to Hell. That is their expectation, for some conscious, for others unconscious, but underlies much of their political behavior. The tail of the Dragon manifests in states passing the recent draconian anti-abortion laws, in racial and ethnic paranoia as was the case in the march at Charlottesville, and sadly in sporadic violence against imagined enemies. But killing it off completely may be a long slow process.

More thoughts on this later. Thank you and I have long thought the millennials were the new hippies..

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  4. They are very savvy with technology and are prepared to take on the power that has had them grow up in fear in their classrooms NRA as well as fear for their literal futures due to climate change fossil fuel industry.. And your very welcome.. You will be feeling hopeful after you listen as well.. I promise! She was brilliant, and a nice person too.

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    I may not agree percent with all her positions, but I can vouch percent for her good faith. Does anyone have any ideas about what the stock market will possibly be doing for the next couple of years? Is this a good time to be OUT of the market? Hey, I have listened to a couple interviews with Andrew Yang before he got popular, not that he is that popular yet but glad to see the interest here. Oh, and I thought Kamala was great tonight! Lilith-Mercury aspects may be associated with the dark side of the mind, of the hidden influences that shape the mental processes.

    Whether Trump is crazy or shrewd is a debatable issue, but when this Lilith-Mercury link is activated, the question may pop up. I appreciate the ideas articulated in the posts by Eliseo, and also Elizabeth! My apologies to both Eliseo, and Elizabeth, for my inadvertent misattribution. Dean W. Our attention spans began to diminish with the advent of television. These other addictive technologies continue the process.

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    I see it in my college students. These technologies also make teaching far more difficult. My past experience doing drama, radio comedy, and radio news has served me well in communicating ideas to students. And that is a serious problem in teaching nowadays.

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    8. Most professors and public school teachers are not trained in theater arts, but have to compete with Hollywood to maintain the attention of our distracted students. To your point of pregnancy.. By: Elizabeth on May 29th, at am. The conclusions made by the special council team tread a fine line and he most likely was anxious because he wanted to get it right.


      My take on it…. What I got from what he said was: -He made wanted to emphasize what the Russians did to influence our election and who helped i. I also read that in a new book by Wolf? By: Sharon K on May 29th, at pm.

      Consequently she is patiently holding off at least until Mueller testifies before congress. One would then expect for all hell to break loose.

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      Democrats will lead the charge in calls for impeachment. The question is, when will Mueller testify? Note mid June June 17 — 18 has tr. Pelosi needs to be cautious as shown by Saturn transiting her Venus, Jupiter and Uranus. I think she needs to come out strongly on protecting our democracy from Russian sabotage and call for the House to draw up legislation to send to Senate and call for enough votes to over ride a potential Trump veto.

      I thought he looked either nervous or scared, and he seemed to not want to look anyone in the eye, keeping his head mostly down, which seemed odd to me. Look at this compilation by Politico. Then I thought — he may be accusing the President of the United States of impeachable offenses, maybe the gravity of the moment got to him. Maybe it was that he really wanted to get it right or that he was trying to convey a message between the lines and hoped people got it. It just seemed really odd to me, him seeming either nervous or afraid.

      This pattern ruthlessly continues until at least January 12th, , when Saturn and Pluto stop flirting and finally hook up. The second pattern is the second of three squares a challenging aspect between Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius and Pisces, respectively. I already wrote it all down for you.

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      That his job is done. He investigates, lays out evidence. Nancy Pelosi, of course, knows a lot more. Despite Department of Justice policy to the contrary, no one is above the law — not even the President. The Congress holds sacred its constitutional responsibility to investigate and hold the President accountable for his abuse of power.

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      The American people must have the truth. We call upon the Senate to pass H. You are a good soul ja; thanks for the link to Ralphee. I especially appreciated her use of cycles to base the transits upon. Right off the bat you know that some things about the female nature are going to be suppressed since the patriarchy determined early on that a female could be either an obedient wife, mother, sister or daughter. The idea that a woman was equal to a man was incomprehensible, therefore any such claim to equality coming from a female had to be classified as evil thinking or behavior and so the symbol of Lilith took on that persona.

      Lilith is best known for her disobedience. Kamala, along with the other women candidates, are acting out those long-suppressed elements of the Feminine Mystique that first became noticeable right after WW2. Now, after 75 years, this is what has been unleashed: Kamala Harris in all her glory! And where are we USA in history?

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      I think Pelosi and others persuaded Mueller to come forward to change the dynamics of Impeachment and set a spark to it. Get the ball rolling. It is just a matter of time, now. Pelosi is working behind the scenes. She is smarter than I thought. She does not intend to lose. Here is a suggested Table of Contents. Chapter 5: Conclusion — Trump has likely done many illegal things and obstructed the investigation into these things.

      The only way to address all of the corruption and obstruction that has occurred is to impeach Trump. Punted to Congress.